Young People

Primary School

Our goal is to support students transitioning from primary to secondary school by fostering independence, confidence, and resilience. We offer customizable programs tailored to each school's needs and provide continuity by being present in their chosen secondary school. Additionally, we offer stress-relieving mindfulness sessions to help alleviate anxiety before SATs exams.

Secondary School

Secondary School is a stressful time for most young people and this seems to be a growing issue with reports of mental health issues on the rise. Our unique approach helps young people navigate the tricky transition into adulthood by equipping them with the skills needed to protect their physical, mental and social health. We work closely with school leaders to develop tailored syllabi covering topics such as Goal Setting, Social Media, Body Image, Diet, Nutrition and many more!


University presents both excitement and challenges for many young adults, often their first time away from family. With mental health issues affecting 81% of students and workload pressures being a primary cause, our system offers support while providing potential income through HumanettIQ coaching training.

Care Leavers

Our program supports Care Leavers by building confidence, resilience, and coping strategies for their unique challenges. We collaborate with care providers to tailor our content, aiming to enhance their prospects for success despite reduced government support.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Students with a special eduactional need or disability face unique challenges as they grow into adults. We are committed to tailoring our programmes to meet these needs, from providing wheelchair based exercises to using non-verbal prompts to help students express their emotions. We are also committed to fighting some of the unfortunate stigmas surrounding SEND, by offering crossovers with other groups and encouraging a greater sense of community. Our unique approach is designed to help all young people improve their health and wellbeing, no matter what their circumstances.

Sixth Form/College

We address the stress of post-16 study by offering proven methods for promoting better mental health and lifelong wellbeing. Our program also offers on-the-job training for post-16 students to become future coaches, providing them with additional income opportunities.

Knife-crime workshops.

Sadly this is an issue which is having a growing impact on our society and communities. This 4 hour workshop, delivered in collaboration with anti-knife crime charity Stop The Bleed, provides a complete toolkit to help young people navigate this most serious of issues. Comprising of mindset coaching to help them avoid dangerous situations, practical self-defence techniques in the event of a knife attack and specific first aid training to help prevent knife wounds leading to fatality. Get in touch to find out how we can help equip your community against this terrible trend.

Youth Centres

Youth centres are pivotal hubs for communities and are vital for the development of soft skills in young people. Our tailored courses help young adults develop these skills and grow to be valuable pillars of their local communities. Get in touch to find out how we can work with your service users to help build a brighter future for all.
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