Meet the team

Meet The Team

Ricky Manetta – Founder and CEO

Ricky is our founder.

Ricky has been training and teaching Martial Arts from a young age, having been inspired to begin through his own experiences with bullying.

In an illustrious career as the founder of the MMA Krav Maga Martials Arts Federation and working with the Ultimate Fighting Championship for 15 years, rising to hold the position of Head Coordinator.

His passion for helping others to grow and develop led to his starting an anti-bullying campaign which grew and developed into the HumanettIQ project we know today.

Ricky has featured on the BBC several times for his work helping young people grow and develop into confident humans. 

He is a committed and loving father of a daughter and all-round Amazing Human!

David Corbishley – Co-founder and Director of Coaching

David is our Director of Coaching.

He has over 20 years experience working with young people in a variety of roles and was a teacher at an ‘Outstanding’ school in London’s east end for over a decade – where he held the role of Anti-Bullying Coordinator.

He has been working as a Mindset Coach for over five years, helping people to overcome burnout and realise their full potential.

He also works with SME owners to help them develop their businesses.

He first met Ricky over 10 years ago when he started to train in MMA Krav Maga and is an instructor himself.

He is the father of two boys.