Primary School

Primary School

The transition from primary to secondary school is one of the most stressful in a child's life.

SATs exams also represent the first formalised testing that a child will experience, and therefore can cause stress and anxiety.A significant minority of pupils experience a range of difficulties in adjusting to secondary school as shown by lower grades, poor attendance and increased anxiety.*

We aim to work with students in year 6 to foster independence, confidence and resilience to help them manage the transition effectively and flourish in their new environment.

Further to this we aim to be present in their chosen secondary school thereby providing a point of continuity for the child as they grow into a young adult.

Our programmes are flexible and customisable - we are able to adapt each of our core elements to suit the needs of the school.

We are also able to provide stress relieving mindfulness sessions in the run up to SATs to help alleviate any negative feelings caused by the exams.
*Nuffield Foundation

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