About Us

HumanettIq is the brainchild of our founder Ricky Manetta who used his expertise in Self-Defence and Martial Arts coupled with his experience of suffering from bullying as a child to launch an anti-bullying campaign many years ago.

The practices of Meditation and Mindfulness were added to equip people, young adults in particular, with skills to protect themselves both physically and mentally.

Mindset Coaching was a natural addition to this allowing for participants to reflect and grow in both their personal and professional and academic lives.

The concept has proven to be so powerful that operations have now expanded to work with people of all ages – from primary school right through to later life and even retirement!

We believe we have developed a 360° toolkit to meet the demands of the modern world and provide a complete system for wellbeing, through shifting mindsets, building confidence and developing a lifestyle centred around self-awareness and community.

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